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matimoo submitted:

Just saw this on my dash, and was like “What.” at poor Harley’s twirling spine.

Eek.  Also, am I wrong, or does she have camel toe down there?

Just saw this on my dash, and was like “What.” at poor Harley’s twirling spine.

Eek.  Also, am I wrong, or does she have camel toe down there?

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    I almost snorted my water when I saw this. This is just atrocious and so, so much wrong. Is she making a duck face too?
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    While Harley seems to be made of rubber, is it just me, or does Batman look like he’s going to burst every vein in his...
  20. johnthemonkey said: Also, Batman seems to have horns, and the Joker REALLY needs to moisturise.
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    There’s a lot wrong with this picture and Harley’s only one of them.
  23. exkid said: All three individuals in this picture are legitimately frightening. It’s like looking at a poster for the new Silent Hill: Superhero Edition.
  24. michaeldraws said: I think she’s got more than cameltoe. That looks more like mooseknuckle. Uh-oh! Also, Batman’s muscles are… WTF?!