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Former 15 year old nerdy boy 

(this comment is about the blog in general, not this post in particular).

Really? Do we have to take away the sexy comic book babes from the nerdy 15 year old boys? I mean, that’s basically all they have at that point in their lives.

I love fuel efficiency, and I absolutely lust after the amazing fuel economy of any VW featuring a TDI diesel engine. But you don’t see me at a Forumla One race bitching about the horrendous fuel economy of the race cars, and lecturing all of the racing fans about how they should really think about the environment. Doing so would completely miss the point of Forumla One, and would just be inappropriate, needless trolling.

Yes, women in comic books are portrayed as ridiculous sex objects.

That’s. The. Whole. Point.

Obviously you’ve never been a 15 year old nerdy boy.

Like they say about gay marriage: if you don’t like it, don’t get one. And if you don’t like the way women are portrayed in comic books, how about you not buy them, and leave the 15 year old nerd boys alone?

From this comment:

Wow.  Just.  Wow.  Comics exist solely as fap material for 15 year old hetero boys?  Nobody else.  Just them.  Because WHAT ELSE DO THEY HAVE AT THAT POINT?  (Also apparently 15 year old geek girls don’t exist.  Or if they do, I’m sure they’d probably be partying and shopping and stuff amirite?)  F- all the kids who want to be superheroes, all the people who want to read superhero comics because superheroes are f-ing awesome and aren’t looking for softcore porn.  xD  Apparently comics as porn for a subset of 15 year old hetero boys is innate to what comics are.   (and these kinds of images of women are so rare in our society >_>)

I am at a loss for any more words, honestly. 

Edit: Actually I do have more words.  At $3 an issue ($4 or $5 for some others) a week, for 22 pages… in terms of porn… comics are a pretty bad deal, especially for a 15 year old.

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    Ummmm here’s the thing. I love comics and always have, but I almost never read them. They make me feel dehumanized. So...
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    wow ‘fuck you’ is not adequate
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    No. Nonono. That’s not the whole point. That’s not… just.. No. Just gtfo. Go. Now.
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    I can’t.
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    My way to deal with the whole media being against out kind for pretty much…all of history of media? Make what was never...
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    This guy. He seriously just compared women to cars. CARS. We are cars.
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    Additionally, I just LOVE being compared to cars! Oh it’s my favorite thing! All us ladies are are vehicles to GET YOU...
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    Trying to think of a witty comment. Just want to laugh and then punch though.