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elkian submitted:

I told myself I wouldn’t redraw any more posts for a while…and then stumbled across this

The thing is that at first it seems fairly decent, and then you take a closer look…


I think part of the saving grace here is the colorist, but…what the heck is going on with her?

Her arms are two different lengths, I have no idea what’s going on with her right elbow, and her left hand should be visible behind her head. You could argue that it’s resting on the guy’s head, but then her elbow should be turned a different way. Quite a logistic puzzle.

Aside from the usual superheroine weird ribcage (Your torso should not be able to form an S-curve like that) and stomach, her pelvis….oof. I think I’ve figured out the main problem with comic book artist legs and pelvises - they’re using the poseable mannequins (probably male mannequins to boot) for reference, which have the legs situated under the pelvis.

Lastly, her pose is frankly ridiculous. She appears to be leaning both to the side (several sides) and out….with her legs turned inward. Stand up and try that. It’s possible, but extremely uncomfortable, and you can feel your balance about to slip. More realistically, she should be leaning back against our burly dude for support.


Burly dude doesn’t get a pass either. He’s not quite as off as our snakey lady, but there’s something not right here…

I first thought his left leg (hidden behind our strong female character) as just completely disconnected, but the lines more or less follow what we can see of his body - although he’s apparently rather short-waisted. He’s mostly okay….except for his pose.

Take a look at what you can see of his left leg - that’s the back of a knee. In comparison to the right leg, this means that he is standing with wide-spread, outward-pointing legs. It’s the opposite of the girl’s pigeon-toes, and just as uncomfortable and unbalanced. 



Lastly, take a look at both people. The woman appears somewhat shorter than the man, but her knees are much higher than his. Coupled with his long dancer legs and the (admittedly confusing) blocking, and either she has extremely long calves or is standing on something.

Not to mention how close they appear to be standing - her left heel would be resting on the top of his foot. Unless she’s got invisible-stripper-heels feet?

It’s really a shame the artist did all these weird poses and strange bits of anatomy, because otherwise it’s really quite a lovely picture (not to mention that girl is wearing one of the more sensible superheroine costumes).

That’s a good pick up about the knees.  I didn’t notice that.  She has to be standing on a box or something off cover. 

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    i don’t agree with the whole ‘the pose is uncomfortable’ thing. i can do it just fine.
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    The importance of learning how anatomy works before you try and draw it.
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    My father studied art in college, so when I see awful crap like this I wanna show it to him, just to see the look on his...
  6. kaleidoscopicbullettrain said: Now, this submission isn’t all that terrible as previous posts. At this point, it’s a little artistic mistake that somethings are a little uneven than the other. Of course, her position is awkward, but at this point, it’s getting a little ridiculous.
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    Though it is both unhealthy and painful so I’m most def not saying it as an excuse. Greg Land is ew.
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    Greg Land … Mr. Traces-from-PORNO and now we know WHY! -.-
  11. danapolis said: They ARE underwater…maybe they’re magically floating there. I do wonder about her hair though…
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