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Not Even Centaurs Are Safe

Captain LeBubbles submitted:

HA. I made it to the end! Take that, Escher Girls archives, I have defeated you! And it only took me a week and a half.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate my defeat of the archives with two things. One, a redraw. I forgot to save the link to the original post, sorry.


I initially was going to just draw in the lower half of her body, but then I realized that even for a centaur, her back dipped way too much. She’ll never be able to carry any weight like that! So I fixed her back. The other thing I noticed is that she’s either floating, or standing on a table. When I tried to follow the dude’s body down, his waist started somewhere near where her knees should be. Even for a centaur, she’s not done properly!

(She’s wearing an eyepatch because I messed up on her eyes, and didn’t feel like fixing it.)

The other thing is something I posted to my journal a few days ago, which I think is relevant

"That awkward moment when you’re sitting in the library reading a blog about oversexualization of women in comic books and related media that ultimately leads to women being drawn with broken spines and other horrible anatomy to appeal to the male readership, and you realize that if anybody walks by, their immediate assumption will be that you’re looking at porn. This, I think, is just a huge indicator of the problem- if I have to angle my computer so that someone walking by won’t get the wrong idea, something is wrong.”

(And I’m unsure if I got the tags right, so sorry if I didn’t!)

We should turn that picture into a badge and give it to anybody who manages to get through the entire archive!

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