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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, specifically how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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Ignore what she’s saying.  Let’s have a caption contest!  What do YOU think is going on?

Ignore what she’s saying.  Let’s have a caption contest!  What do YOU think is going on?

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  1. blackwidowaday answered: She new Len Goodman would give her a 4 for her Paso Doble, but she didn’t care.
  2. diomacklemore answered: SLAM DUNK
  3. lavampiremerveilleuse answered: Dammit kreng I told you I am useless at pitching!!! *crack* see! my hip just detached again!
  4. ranggiana answered: "By the Gods! She’s an abomination!"
  5. fivethingsunmixed answered: He would regret replacing all of Red Sonja’s chanmail links with Furby eyes!
  6. thebestworstidea answered: Clearly a badly executed single ladies dance.
  7. muddy-scarecrow13 answered: NG! I’m totally lying! Odd steel is TOTALLY slowing me down as well as breaking my spiiiiiine!
  8. shaitsan answered: The tree crunched as it ripped apart, and so did Sonja’s spine.
  9. feinnea answered: She’s suddenly unconscious because her boobs and butts are taking over her body only to see each other again “Hey guys I miss you so much!”
  10. neko-flash-studios answered: Quit staring at my boobs and ass, perv!!
  11. harblkun answered: "Chainmail wedgies are the WORST."
  12. ghostly-mermaid answered: If I can just reach through this invisible wall… Ah fuck, my spine!
  13. panchamss-moved answered: Aw fuck my dime-bedazzled thong is slipping.
  14. discountbinninja answered: Somatic components for “summon log!” Because wizards can get away with chainmail bikinis.
  15. paisleyfarrago answered: "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE MY CHAINMAIL IN THE DRYER?!"
  16. thedisagreeable answered: "Pst! Butt! Hey Butt!" "Yeah, Boobs?" "This is lame, let’s leave,"
  17. sugarcoatedme answered: Not really a caption… but it looks like an intense, modern dance version of the play Into the Woods.
  18. uselessispriceless answered: "You lazy bastard craft me bones coz it seems I miss several one"
  19. evalilith answered: This new play-doh form is very unwieldy!
  20. naminenobody94 answered: "Oh god— wait.I got a wedgie again. That’s what I get for shopping discount armor…
  21. heated-up answered: The goblins were in awe of Sonja’s pitching skills.
  22. lilacwire answered: This is some intense Dance Dance Revolution.
  23. gabyrippling answered: These bottle caps really chafe! Recycling is hard!
  24. dl-the-puppet-freak answered: Damn monsters always interrupting my ice skating practice.
  25. thiefree answered: "YOU designed this outfit?! Do you have any idea HOW MUCH IS CHAFES?!"
  26. aruoliveira answered: "It was so hard to break a branch having one arm shorter than other. If only I dressed an armor, a 2nd blade would be available in my belt
  27. thegoodnaysayer answered: It’s a shame the goddess didn’t bless her with a spine.
  28. pretentiouslimericks answered: I am willing to destroy my own spine to kill you. WHAT CHANCE DO YOUR WEAPONS HAVE?
  30. thenathanparable answered: Oh no, my heel broke!
  31. kjdawson80 answered: "Damn it! Alllllllmost got a AAA on AFRONOVA Heavy!"
  32. stevonicus answered: Curse you goblins for stealing my spine!
  33. missl0uis answered: I gotta make sure I don’t break my finger nails while I toss this tree at you.
  34. aura-alora answered: Armour? Who needs armour when I can make logs fly?
  35. msgeniuspa answered: "The LAST thing my ice skating outing needed was sparkling orcs."