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Wow.  Those two are really dedicated to clubbing.

Wow.  Those two are really dedicated to clubbing.

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    What is wrong with that blonde’s right shoulder? It’s like it’s slanted or something. O.o
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    you survived, girls, but at what cost?
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  5. dragonimp said: Skydivers don’t have internal organs, apparently.
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    I refuse to believe they could climb anything in those heels. God this entire page just pisses me off on so many levels.
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  9. pervocracy said: Skydivers have molded bodies? I didn’t think it took a really particular body shape to, um, fall.
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  11. soircitte said: They could climb? LIARS!
  12. drneverland said: They really tried fitting as much boob as they could into this shot. Even blue-haired-chick is showing sideboob and she’s not that close. I’m surprised Far Right girl isn’t squatting so we can see her butt/boobs under Blondie’s leg.
  13. flat-ass-barbie said: what the fuck are those things. AGUHUGGA CREEPY
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    What the fuck is going on with the blonde’s right leg? o_O
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