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hesoldourmotherscrown said: About the Hawkeye Initiative -- I've liked some of the redraws where there's a male/female pose, and people draw Natasha in the "male" role, because it doesn't look like "wow, she looks masculine," it looks like, "oh, hey, she looks normal, but what is Hawkeye's spine doing?" I think it emphasizes how women in comics aren't problematic because they're feminine, they're problematic because a lot of times, they aren't drawn like human beings. My two cents.

I agree.  I think having a woman in the “male” pose and then seeing that she doesn’t look odd at all but heroic and powerful is interesting. :)

I think redrawing women in male poses might make a strong statement as well, because it would be showing what we do want, and that she looks very heroic in that pose.

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