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sanityisgone submitted:

I made this a while ago, actually

this is the orginal picture


I made an outline:


I don’t really know what’s happening with her hips…or her waist, or her boobs, Also, I noticed that her head has almost the same size that her boobs.

So I made a new pose, Its not perfect but at least she have space for organs now


I changed her expression too, I don’t really know if she is tired or confused in the first one

And finally, I made her new clothes, the old ones looked more like some type of bondage-lingerie:


 so…what do you think?

(Your post got caught in the backlog, so I’m really sorry for how long it took to post this)

I think some people are going to have an issue that you removed most of her curves & reduced her breasts because they’ll interpret that as you believing the problem with the original is that she had curves.  And I think others might like that they see their body type represented.  That said, I think it’s interesting what you’ve done with the pose, her expression and the clothes.  I think you did a good job changing the clothes while also keeping the same kind of style and making them interesting.

Edit: My policy is to post all redraws, because they’re fan art and people just trying to join in the fun they see going on in this blog.  People are of course welcome to criticize them, but me posting a redraw is not an endorsement that it’s better, it’s just posting whatever’s submitted to me. :)

Edit 2: Also, I’d like to ask if critics can avoid body shaming?  I.e. (she looks like a boy!  She looks 12!)  Lots of non-12 year old women have body types like that, it doesn’t make them boys or 12. 

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    I don’t really think your new redo was necessary at all. You basically drew a completely new, distinctive character, and...
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  7. tonibaloni said: She has the body of a twelve year old now. Not that it was any better before jus sayin shes still a woman she should have a little bit of a curve.
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    I agree, specifically about the breasts; one of my sisters actually has breasts as big as her head - literally, if a...
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    Yeah, because wide hips are made up. =__= Really, let people draw what they want to draw - you’re not paying for it and...
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    Let’s try it again: Far from perfect, and I have no idea how to approach her outfit.
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    I didn’t realize women with large boobs and hips weren’t allowed to be sword swinging badasses. duly noted. Seriously...
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    Well there IS a diference between bad anatomy and artStyle. Stoe being dicks with those outlines.
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    This is the reason I unfollowed Eschergirls. If you want to empower a girl, take her breasts, hips and everything that...