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I was flipping through a Christopher Hart “how to draw” book in the bookstore the other day and found this.   I didn’t know there was a stage of the “classic vampire attack” where you did the boobs and butt pose.

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    Dat badly proportioned posterior
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    What is…spines don’t….but how did…. Spine goes where? How? Ouch. This attempt is going to hurt.
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    lol, this tag.
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    It seems very related to “composite postures” that I learnt about in schools.
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    That’s because Chris...hack who can’t draw anatomy or varied figures on women, yet still...
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  13. leftysaurus said: Christopher Heart deserves to have something sharp stabbed into his eye or butt =_= me so no likey and this is jsut another glorious example of how that guy ruins art for beginners as well as pro’s
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  15. dimetrodondanya said: Those fingers though….
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    Why is her leg a banana
  17. kungfu-tornado said: 1. That description is disgusting. 2. Dat flat butt
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