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I already edited the post, but I wanted to say something for anybody who didn’t check back and assumed it’s still there.

I’m really sorry about the language in the Godyssey redraw submission that was derogatory.  It’s offensive to me as well, and I’m angry at myself for not noticing it, and not reading the submission thoroughly.  I take full responsibility as moderator for letting it through, and I’m really really sorry it happened.  I didn’t get to it until now because I haven’t been at a computer until now and I didn’t see the comments.

Thank you to everybody in the comments who noticed it.  In the future, you can contact me via my ask box, or email me at if there’s an issue with a post, and it’s more likely I’ll see it and fix it.  This sort of stuff is really important to me, so if I screw up and let something through, I want to know and fix it ASAP.

Again, I’m sorry, and I’ll try my best not to let something like this happen again.

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  1. becausegoodheroesdeservekidneys said: Thank you! For those who missed it, I’m not repeating it but I will explain that it was a derogatory word for someone with Downs Syndrome. I’m assuming the OP simply didn’t know what it meant, since I think it’s British slang. Cheers for the edit though, Ami!
  2. kafine said: What?
  3. kurvendiskussionen said: thx <3
  4. tsurera said:…
  5. errantimpulses reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    Thanks for removing it. I understand how sometimes things can slip in - some words have acceptable and harmless...
  6. kthulhu42 said: I feel fully justified in saying “lol look at the brown person making generalised statements about ‘White’ people” oh look casual racism from someone complaining about racism. How crazy to see hypocrisy on tumblr!
  7. authoratmidnight reblogged this from kingofbeartraps and added:
    If you’ve never seen or heard the word before then it’s very easy not to have noticed anything. Had I not taken a peek...
  8. bangontarget said: you’re a great mod.
  9. linaleah said: mongoloid? I wasn’t sure what to think of it, to be honest. word itself didn’t bother me, because in my native tongue, this is what that particular phenotype is refereed to - equivalent of asian. I wasn’t sure about changing character’s race thoug
  10. shannaniganart said: At first I was thinking… oh yeah there goes the Tumblr Social Justice Police. But I saw what it was in the comments and it was definitely used in a derogatory way… not as a descriptive.
  11. stonecypher said: People who ask to see something again because they missed it - was the sincerity and heart-felt nature of the apology not enough to imply that it doesn’t need to be seen? Yeesh. You still rock, eschergirls!