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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, specifically how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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ladycapim submitted:

I had a problem with eletricity here and my notebook turned off.

Now I’m trying to remember what I was submiting to you.

This is my first redraw and I hope you can understand my English. It was very nice to do it and I could practice drawing (I’m not very good at digital drawings).

I chose this one because I thought it would be easy to redraw.

These are some issues I tried to pay attention: how her boobs were portrayed, the position of her left leg and her left arm (this part was hard for me because I had to draw a new arm), and her neck and shoulders compared to her chest.

I tried to maintain her body type and her facial expression.

I think her pose is more dynamic in my redraw, now it looks like she is running.

When I finished my redraw, I saw a big problem: her hair wasn’t following her movement. I was very lazy then, so consider she had a little problem when trying a new product haha


I like it.  Maybe it was a windy cold day and she hadn’t had time to blow dry her hair, so when she went out her hair just froze like that.

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