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inverselylogical submitted:

I was bored and saw that someone had the idea to redraw a random post in this blog, so I decided to do the same. I clicked Random Post and got this one.

Her top half is almost profile and we’re kind of looking down at it, but her bottom half is almost completely facing us, and we’re sort of looking up at it. Well that’s certainly an escher spine. xD


I got rid of the rubber spine but still gave her a little bit of twist because I’m really lazy and that made it easier to trace. I evened out the perspective, and shifted her left arm a bit to change her weird aim. (“Guys, I totally know what I’m doing. Aiming at the lizard’s foot is a sound strategy. He won’t even know what hit ‘im!”) I also gave her slightly more decent clothing. It’s not that much of a change, but I’m not really creative when it comes to clothing so I didn’t change her outfit much.


It might not look perfect, since I don’t know how to draw muscles and I’m not great at anatomy, but it’s definitely an improvement over that rubber spine. :P

PS. Since I can’t draw hair, I just traced over the original one, so it probably isn’t flowing right. Laziness ftw. ><

PPS. Whoops, I dislocated her left shoulder, please ignore that. ._.

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    Man, the original had a really good opportunity for a great boob shot if they wanted it so bad. It’s like they didn’t...
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    because of the original Escher girl pose, her stance was ALL wrong, you can’t shoot an arrow right that way.
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