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elkian submitted:

I know you’ve already got a couple of Kenichi posts, but I tried to get through the manga, and have collected some very…interesting poses from it. (I recommend watching the anime for yourself, just to see the anatomy in motion)

The artist is actually pretty decent, manages to avoid Only Six Faces Syndrome, but then….



For reference, here is a non-sexualized female character posing:




The worst part is when the story is literally thrown away for the sake of “the sexy”, like this.


See those tiny people in the corner? That’s where the action is supposed to be happening.


Maybe this is Chekhov’s Butt and her lack of underwear is actually an important plot point later?  (I’ve never read this series.  It’d be hilarious if I was right.)

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    I still remember what the premise of that manga was, ironically! *laughs* Except its like the artist or writer (or both)...
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    Oh yeah, I tried reading that! I remember literally nothing about it except “dude may or may not have been shoved into...
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  6. brandchan said: This seems like a serious case of editor intervention to sell more copies.
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    I am reblogging this just for the phrase “Chekov’s Butt”
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    omg Chekov’s Butt. Best literary device. Imagine the possibilities you guys. butt irony buttshadowingsymbuttlismbutt...
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    That character is basically a giant attention whore and frequently uses her body to get attention. I’m not saying this...
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