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I watch this guy on deviantart, he has a lot of skill and a repetitive but nice style. He’s done World of Warcraft cards, commissions, and I’m sure other things as well. He almost always depicts women who are in shape and boobs that always sorta irk me, but overall nothing particularly Escher Girl ‘style’.

….Until this image.

At first I was like, ‘aw there are those weird perfectly circular armor huggin boobs again, all well.’ Then I saw the woman on the left. There the girl is supposedly in the foreground aiming at the goblin on the middle ground. Her body seems to have the ability to simultaneously exist in a profile and three quarter view all at once. All whilst aiming at a goblin who seems so much bigger than her, despite the fact she’s aiming inward from the frontal plane. (Don’t think I didn’t notice that if she was drawn to size accurately on that frontal plane, her butt wouldn’t be able to be visible.)

Not sure if any of you wow, but goblins are TINY. And now that I look again..not sure what pose that purple night elf is pulling there either.

My friend pointed out that we’ve got three different women, each facing a different direction, yet all their breasts are pointed at us.

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  6. lonewolfpawprints said: The artist doesn’t seem to know how to express a bow except directly from the side.
  7. fujoshishit said: I’d like to point out that Genzoman has really bad anatomy skills and draws women in the same poses over and over again… The only thing he has going for him is his knowledge of how light and shadow work.
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  10. lainzilla said: The thing about commissioned art is that the client is often VERY, VERY specific about what they want in the piece. If the artist wants the job they draw what the client wants. (Hold it against the client, not the artist, in other words)
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