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Let’s talk about Fatality

ruues submitted:

So I finally got around to reading DC’s series Green Lantern: New Guardians. I admit proudly and freely that all I really cared about in this title was a hopeful little alien named Saint Walker. Prior to looking at the cover of issue one, I didn’t know who else was in the book.


So right here we’ve got what is that horrible orange thing!?, Kyle Rayner in green, Bleez in red, Saint Walker my precious babbu in blue, Munk in indigo, Arkillo in yellow, and… and did Arkillo just snap Fatality’s spine on the cover? You can’t break her before I even open the issue! 


This is the first page she appears on inside the issue. The first image of her in any detail. Apparently her spine just does this because it doesn’t know any better.


(One issue later) Shapeshifting is not part of Fatality’s powerset, btw. Her waist and hips did not get that memo.


Nor did her um… I don’t feel comfortable calling that a “leg”. To this day I really can’t decipher what that appendage wanted to be when it grew up.


Two issues later, I can’t blame her for this. If I had a wedgie that bad, I wouldn’t want to get up either.


And in the issue directly following, she’s flying upside down because scanning the surrounding area is particularly efficient with blood rushing to your head. 


Her outfit is the real hero here. Reliable, yet full of secrets.


This is the cover of issue 9. Fatality’s spine has learned no lessons, her buttcheek looks like it’s kind of giving up and sliding down the back of her thigh, and her ribcage is clearly seceding and in the process of drafting its own declaration of independence. 

Two of these have already been on the blog, and it’s sad that at least two more could have had their own post.  She’s doing a *lot* of boobs and butting.

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