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Time to get Hawkeye-licious!


So by now, I’m pretty sure that some of you are familiar with the “Hawkeye Initiative”, or at least with the fantastic Escher Girls blog, both of which lambast (typically male) artists for gratuitous and flagrant anatomical tomfoolery with ‘strong female protagonists’.

What the Hawkeye Initiative seeks to do is replace said rubbery-spined; boobs ‘n butts at the same time ladies with everyone’s favourite archery-inclined Avenger. The results are understandably ridiculously hilarious, but it does make you think that if a male character looks so stupid pulling these poses, what makes artists think that women look any better?

I found this cover forVictoria’s Secret Service#0 (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of it either) on Escher Girls, which is published by Bluewater Publications and was illustrated by Kenneth Choi. Please note that this is NOT a slight at either the artist or the publisher, because Choi is actually pretty talented. He just picked a rather unfortunate pose for the protagonist is all… ;)

Victoria's Secret Service

So, here’s my very own contribution to the initiative (and coincidentally one of my 52 Week drawings), I hope you guys enjoy! (Oh, and I have submitted this to both Escher Girls and the Hawkeye Initiative, so hopefully they accept it!) 

Hawkeye and his booty!

Now he’s a true secret agent!

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