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Now they can stare back!

Jesslyn submitted:

This is a cosmetic outfit available only to female characters in The Secret World MMORPG. It costs the equivalent of roughly $10 USD to unlock. While her proportioning and pose could be much worse, and it is actually impossible in-game to dual-wield knives/swords yet she is, it will take you awhile to notice either of those things because of THE EYES. 

The eyes have it.
(Apologies for tiny picture size. This is what was officially provided as promotion.)

For some more context, here is an in-game character model wearing this outfit.
(Originally found the above image on Sephora’s Secret Closet, a site that catalogues clothing available in The Secret World.)

I think the white frilly things are teeth. If they aren’t, once you see them as teeth, it cannot be unseen. In fact, nothing about this outfit can be unseen. I’ve tried.

This is reminding me of Resident Evil 2, where William Birkin’s shoulder becomes a giant eye during one of his transformations.

The white trim needs to be more prominent so they look more like teeth.  And like a mask so your head looks like the monster is wearing a hat. :D

I also think it’d be pretty awesome if when wearing this outfit, you could shoot fire out of your stomach too, like the monster is breathing fire. :D 

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    wait what the fuck, the secret world isn’t even a free game why the fuck are they doing microtransactions
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