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And this is my favourite artist on Supergirl: Renato Guedes.  He wasn’t on the run for long, but he was a huge change from how Ian Churchill had been drawing her.  No more frilly belt, and she wore blue bicycle shorts under her skirt (instead of apparently nothing) which meant we could get more angles of her and her skirt didn’t always magically stay flat when she’s flying.  I also really love the expressions he was able to do with her through body language and facial expressions.

What was sad is that there was a bunch of reaction online about how she had now become “fat” and “ugly” and apparently preferred her to wear no underwear instead of biking shorts.  Also, that this was during a forgettable storyline that was a crossover with the terrible “Amazons Attack” and “Countdown” storylines, so it wasn’t supported by a good plot (though Tony Bedard did a good job with what he had to work with and wrote Kara as a caring and determined heroine.)

The art still really stands out for me. :)

For any interested, the issues were Supergirl #20-24 from 2007.

(I love Supergirl, I must end Supergirl day on a happy note. :) )

Edit: That last image is hard to see even if you click on it:

There’s the larger version, so you can see clearly all the expressions and poses. :)

Edit 2:

Renato Guedes noticed this post and promoted it on his facebook! :D

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