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World of Boobcraft

WoW is generally pretty good about gender equality in armour sets - when females wear skimpy armour it looks just as skimpy on males - although they do tend to add wild and random midriffs.

The newest tier Priest armour, however? Holy vacuum-sealed boobies, Batman. If you’re a WoW player and an Escher-girler, please drop them a line to request a change in this texture to something realistic. I don’t want to have to transmog away from what could be a pretty set simply because of this stupid sexualization.

T15 - Priest - Female:

T15 - Priest - Male:

But how would we know that’s a female priest without the big vacuum sealed breasts?

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  1. gin-and-trouble reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    Hekegegerk. A pity, usually the female half of Tier Armor is a lot less overt about this. I chalk the vacuum sealed up...
  2. lookatalltheseoppas said: How do the boobs go OVER the robe? WTF?
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  4. fulcrumisthebomb reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    I would give anything to see that on my female gnome priest. LOL
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  7. wincenworks reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    Must cost a fortune to get the over robe tailored with a custom boob window like that.
  8. rule63stereotypes reblogged this from emma-of-hearts
  9. yiffyaffriffraff said: It looks like they forgot to add boobmesh to the jacket part… or does it like, go around them…? That looks so weird!
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  11. shaitsan reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    maybe her god demands it?
  12. lynmars79 said: I debate the ‘just as skimpy on males” comment. There are a LOT of armor pieces that are far, far skimpier on women models than on men. Paladin T13 gives women a midriff, men are covered, for 1 minor instance. Others chestpieces turn to pasties!
  13. captain-risanna reblogged this from eschergirls and added:
    Oof, I was hoping it would be different for other races but nope, still the same. Strange as the other tier armor sets...
  14. whatsup818 reblogged this from eschergirls
  15. nerdberd said: Having played wow for years I have to disagree and say that there were many egregious instances of armor differing based on the gender of the model. The worst offender? No. Guilty of it? Yes
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  18. hotsendotsen said: I dunno what WoW your submitter has been playing, but in the one I played there wasn’t a whole lot of dudes running around in the plate metal bikinis us girls got stuck with…
  19. dragonimp said: My favorite part is how they stuck the boobs on OVER the outer robe.
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    No not everyone will be mogging this set away, I know I won’t. I think it’s gorgeous. D: I want to see this set on my...
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    Lets be honest: Priest T15 is so ugly 99% of everyone is going to be transmogging the vacuum boobs away anyway. That...