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The Srams in the game Dofus

adekin submitted:

So I’m playing this game called Dofus, which is very popular in France, and I’ve always been bothered by the differences between the male version of the Sram character, and the female version.
This is the male version :

Sram male

and this is the female version :

sram female

How could they think for a minute that it would be logical (and okay) for the male version to be a skeleton and for the female version to be a living woman ??

And don’t get me started on the boobs and butt pose… -_-

Source :

Anyway, I love this tumblr ! :D

This image has been on this blog before, but I didn’t know that the male version was a skeleton.  I guess having a skeleton of a woman would ultimately a) be not sexy and b) not look “female” enough, since with a skeleton, there’s no long hair or breasts that are the usual ways that people indicate a character is meant to be female.

Though, in this case, it’s the reverse of the usual, because technically, the man is the one with the organless torso (literally). xD

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    This image makes me want to kill. Seriously.
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    that’s pretty ridiculous
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    It’s not this surprising, it’s ALWAYS like this. Since the male individual is seen as both not-desirable and...
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  14. plateglasstrampoline said: How weird. I think male sram used to be dudes in skeleton leotards.