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So today was the world premiere of the new cinematic League of Legends trailer ‘A Twist of Fate’ and though I really had a fangasm on this one there was one thing that REALLY bothers me and I just had to share or otherwise I would collapse.

I just really really REALLY hate how Katarina looks in this trailer.

While the dudes are incredibly realistic looking (JUST LOOK AT THIS FREACKIN FACES AND THE TEETH AND THE DAMN HAND; OMG SO LIFELIKE), Kata looks like some teenage girl from a animated pixar movie.

She is supposed to be similar age (late 20s to early 30, her in-game voice sounds even older) as Garen (that dude without the hat) but you don’t see a single wrinkle on her face, even her scar looks nothing real (gosh that could have ruined her pretty face?!) so what’s even the point of it. But instead of a adult woman we have CUTENESS. Cuteness and a really unrealistic comic-like body (her ‘assassin-armour’ is a another story).

Dear god, I don’t even now how to describe my disappointment, THAT BUGS ME SO MUCH.

Kata could have looked SO GOOD if they have made her looking like a mature woman in the way they made the other humans.

I understand the fan service in the trailer, but what they did to her just ruined it for me.

Actual trailer

This reminds me of a similar issue I had playing Batman: Arkham City, where the male characters have such wonderfully detailed faces, each looking distinct with lines and wrinkles to add to their expressiveness, while the women all looked like dolls with no wrinkles on their faces, and constantly having this blank kinda expression because of it.  

This child-like doll face on an adult woman’s body thing seems really popular in video games and it’s annoying, not just the idea that women can’t grow old or even look the age their characters are supposed to be, but that it also hurts their character if their facial expressions are limited because they aren’t allowed to have lines on their faces, and it makes all the female characters look the same, which is boring.

Allowing women to have lines, wrinkles, different facial features, and not just all doe-eyed smooth young doll faces, allows the characters to be more distinctive, look varying ages, have more of a range of expression, and ultimately, look more visually interesting.

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