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Redraw of this picture

Well, it’s not a “redraw” per se, but more a “how I’d draw this”. I know almost nothing about ancient egyptians’ clothes, but I googled it :I I hope it looks fine.

You know what I disliked so much about the original picture? I disliked how they slapped a sexy babe on the top of the background and fucked up a great opportunity to make a great and beautiful character with a great and beautiful story (and by “make” I mean “make in this cover” I haven’t read the comics so I dunno about her character, maybe it’s really good but I doubt it). I don’t mind sexy babes, sexy babes are great. But at least they could put her into a storytelling environment, not a boob and butt pose.

So, I wanted to draw Isis at that moment when she was teleported into modern world: “What the?-” kind of face, a little bit twisted body like something is pulling her, and sparkles! sparkles everywhere! Also I gave her wings. Because WINGS! And the sun disc.

I hope you like it.

This is a really nice redraw.  I like what you did with it, and how you re-interpreted her (and you gave her dark skin!). :)  Also, the idea that she’s in a state of transition matches up well with the two different backgrounds that indicate ancient Egypt and modern day America, and makes the cover look much more dynamic. 

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