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So I came across this add, ironically enough while reading a Cracked article about sexism in video games. And then when you click on the ad up there is takes you to this page. (2nd image)

Granted this one isn’t so bad, she’s got some proper pants on even if they’re a bit vacuum-sealed, but that metal bra must hurt, and her arrow is positioned completely wrong. Also, high heels, I just noticed that.

I don’t even know what to say about Wartune’s ads anymore that I haven’t already made a joke about.

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    I see this ad on my FB feed an awful lot and it always makes me stop to shake my head.
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    I mean…if gay dudes want their own gaming site then I say let them have it. Don’t be so homophobic.
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    no girls allowed
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    The more I look at it, the more it creeps me out that the archer either has her boots customized to allow her to bend...
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  18. nsanelilmunky said: Not as bad as some that I saw the other day (from the same company).
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    "Male Gamers Only" ???