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How to Draw Multicultural Supercharacters

Here’s a drawing guide I ran into at Awful Library Books. It might not fit the criteria of Escher Girls since the two female characters shown in the pictures are far less ridiculous than many of the male characters. However it is kinda racist so I thought it might interest you. Mostly I’m amazed that someone looked at that artwork and decided it was worth publishing.

Wow this book. o_o  I love how “Asian martial artist” “Native American chief” and “African jungle girl” are “supercharacters”.  Sadly, comic books often use those tropes for superhero ‘diversity’ too.  But still, this is wow.  How to draw racial stereotypes… badly.

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    How not to draw diverse character.
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    The racism from this. It’s oozing out of the computer!
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    …… oh my god… Even the Tiger is fucked up.
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