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ghostgreen submitted:

get a load of this Ed Benes page. (from Artemis:Requiem) 

I surrender.  Make it stop.

get a load of this Ed Benes page. (from Artemis:Requiem)

I surrender.  Make it stop.

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    Dat anatomy Dat wedgie
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  8. mirahhara said: Note the triangle pointing at her crotch as if we wouldn’t notice!
  9. fortressofserenity said: Ed Benes pulled off a Rob Liefeld in gere and for some reason, he got away with that one.
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    Erm…. ouch.
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    Poorly drawn, horrendously misogynistic, and a complete disaster in terms of panel placement. 10/10 failiure Ed Benes.
  15. nostalgiachan said: Wow, and here I’d had this pegged as a Liefeld piece: big, ridiculous hair, toes forever en pointe, a metal bikini so far up the ass she’ll be spitting out shrapnel.