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Final Update on the Randy Queen/Escher Girls situation

Okay, so hopefully this will be the final update on what’s been going on. :)

Since yesterday evening, I have had private email communication with Mr. Queen.  I am satisfied with what he said.  He’s personally apologized to me, and is withdrawing the DMCA takedown complaints against this blog.  I’ve accepted his apology.

As of this post’s writing, Tumblr has not yet restored the content, but I am hoping that they will soon.  I am also checking with them that the now-retracted DMCA complaints will not be counted against Escher Girls or the Tumblr users who submitted content to Escher Girls that was removed.

I consider this situation resolved with the restoration of the removed content, and I wish Mr. Queen well.

If you spread around the initial controversy, please spread this around too.

If you are a media outlet that has been covering this situation, please update the story with these new details.

I know sometimes that the controversy gets a lot of play but people miss the retraction/resolution, and I don’t want that to happen here.

As a sidenote, I discovered today that Tumblr did send me an email explaining what happened about the apparent removal of my post about the initial DMCA takedown requests.  The email was eaten by my spam filter.


According to the email, Tumblr processed the DMCA takedown against that post and removed it by accident.  They restored the post shortly after, but I assume in the process, all the reblogs were lost.

I hope that clears up something that people had been wondering about. :)

Thank you everybody so much for your support and help during this stressful time, it’s been overwhelming and I feel really touched <3

And again, I want to specifically thank Ken White at Popehat and my amazing lawyer, Kate Andrews for all of their help.  Without both of them, I would have been so lost.

Hopefully this is the last time I will be addressing this situation, and we can all put it in the past and move on.  :)

~Ami Angelwings, owner of Escher Girls

Edit: Changed a bit of the phrasing to be more clear what happened.

Update (Aug 8, 12:40PM): Tumblr has said they’ve now restored all the content removed.  I am making sure nothing has been missed.  If you were one of the users who submitted content & had it removed, I’d encourage you to check with Tumblr that no mark will be held against your account for this incident.  Let me know if there’s still an issue.  Thanks :)

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