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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, specifically how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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Escher Girls and Hawkeye sitting in a tree





So that “turn female characters into Hawkeye” thing I linked to has now apparently turned into a full blown thing, which is awesome. xD  For those that don’t know about it:

That’s the tumblr for it and

That’s the Kotaku article about it. :)

It also makes me happy that a lot of pictures from the Escher Girls archives are there. :D  Part of why I made this blog is so that whenever people needed images like this, there’s a handy archive for it, and I’m glad people are using it!

I ship Eschergirls and The Hawkeye Initiative.

Uh oh.  Nothing good can happen from shipping us. o:

How is contortionist sex not a good thing?


You mean something like that?  (Just pretend that’s Hawkeye).